Business Law

The Business Law practice was created following our goal to assist our clients in building strong, durable businesses, based on integrity and ethics, which to withstand the passing of time and the changing of laws. Employing our distinctive business knowledge and by working closely with the client, in order to address his exact and practical requirements, we have succeeded in transforming legal consultancy from being a fathomless development obstacle into an integral business engine.

Our mission “Inside the business & outside the box” fully integrates what we endeavour to achieve in our legal work, while always providing the best fitted legal solution, in the utmost interest of our clients. Our dedicated team encompasses a wide spectrum of legal coverage, from highly sophisticated corporate matters or mergers and acquisitions, to complex real estate transactions and sensitive pharma matters, being also involved in a broad range of employment and civil litigations, in intricate data protection or compliance and regulatory projects.

Corporate & commercial

Mergers & acquisitions

Pharma & medical

Labour & Employment

Compliance & regulatory


Data protection

Real Estate & Construction