Adrian Rusu

“Adapt and overcome“

Business Criminal Law


Pharma & Medical

Adrian is a notable young lawyer, who distinguished himself from the very beginning as being one of the very few attorneys receiving a special award from the Bucharest Bar Dean for his outstanding results at the examination for Bar admission. Since then he has forwarded his legal practice with great determination and outstanding knowledge of theory and practice alike, which has definitively made him a key asset in the projects he manages.

His work is mainly focused on Business Criminal Law cases and projects, where his rigorous nature has lead to some important positive results for clients involved especially in economic crimes, but Adrian is also very active as a Civil & Commercial Law litigator and as a Pharma & Medical Law consultant. He has been part of the teams of attorneys involved in several complex legal projects, proving that solid knowledge of law, fresh perspective and sharp thinking always lead to innovative and comprehensive solutions.

His efforts and skills have granted him numerous praises from clients, who have found in him a steady support in difficult times and a thorough advice for their queries.

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