Legal500 ranking

Starting 2016, when Legal500 decided to extend its areas of referral for Romania by adding White-Collar Crimes, Madalin Enache, then the coordinating partner of the Criminal Law Department for one of the top 3 law firms in Romania, was immediately ranked 1st tier for his undisputed professionalism in this field of law.

2017 meant another 1st tier ranking and it was not a surprise that in 2018, shortly after the Law Firm was established, that Legal500 considered EPA as one of the leading lawyers in the area of White-Collar Crimes, the names of founding partners Madalin Enache and Simona Pirtea being just two of the strongest reasons for this choice.

The 2019 Legal500 ranking for Romania’s top professionals in Criminal Law is soon to reveal its names but EPA is proud to be amongst the top recommendations in this field of law.