Investigation and Litigation

This is surely our most significant area of expertise in the Criminal Law field and we address it with the utmost attention and commitment, in all its stages:

  • preliminary analysis: the best course of action for any strategy, argumentation or plea can only be decided after thorough analysis and scrutiny of all facts, documents and evidence, while also ensuring that all relevant information is available and filtered, so that no one and nothing is left astray and no unfortunate surprises occur.
  • strategic planning: together with our clients we custom tailor the most appropriate and best fitted strategies for them, be it defensive or offensive, so that the company or its representatives, persons of interest (mainly suspects or defendants), are completely protected and their rights and liberties are not endangered in any way, or by safeguarding their procedural and financial rights if they are injured or damaged persons, ensuring prejudices get reverted, reversed or reimbursed.
  • drafting all supporting documents: we prepare and draft all types of procedural documents – e. criminal complaints, civil claims, evidence requests, motions to dismiss, memoranda (in the criminal investigation phase) or i.e. preliminary chamber motions and exceptions, evidence requests, preventive measures claims and contestations, asset-freezing challenges, written notes, final conclusions, appeals, extraordinary means of appeal, etc. (in court proceedings and trials).
  • full-service representation: we can handle all types of criminal cases and files, in all phases of the criminal trial (criminal investigation and court trials, including preventive or asset-freezing measures), in front of all criminal investigation authorities (DNA, DIICOT, regular Prosecutors’ Offices and Police) and courts of law, at all jurisdictional levels (from Ordinary Court to the High Court of Cassation and Justice), including the Constitutional Court and up to the European Court for Human Rights.
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