Consultancy and Counselling

We know and we handle the most sensitive and vital area of any business – business ethics & integrity (anticorruption, anti-money laundering, antitrust & competition, acquisitions, financial and “white-collar”).

Consequently, we assist and provide for our clients:

  • compliance services, for instance drafting due diligence, internal investigation or risk assessment reports on various criminal (procedural) law matters, in order to ascertain that our clients have created all conditions for an ethical and risk-free activity.
  • regulatory activities, such as preparing legal analyses, judicial opinions and memoranda in relation to criminal law matters that affect or have incurred in the activity of our clients, in order to ensure such events will no longer occur.
  • internal training sessions with corporate executives, employees or company representatives, in which we make certain that specific knowledge effectively improves employees and business processes.
  • extrajudicial procedures assistance – various public investigations, our focus being to avoid criminal implications or complex risks (OLAF/DLAF, DGAF/ANAF, etc.).
  • civil/commercial transactions derived from criminal cases, by preparing and concluding complex negotiations or agreements, to amicably settle claims impacting criminal law procedures.
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