Real Estate & Construction

Real estate & construction is and will be one of the main focuses of many investors, becoming a market that is more and more competitive. Being a domain that is governed by a wide range of regulations and has strict requirements, real estate exceeds the expectations about the number of areas of law in which expertise is needed for a professional strategy.

In order to suit the client’s needs, we offer a complete picture by analysing all the direct and indirect regulations that can affect a transaction or any other real estate issue, due to our experience in other practices, too.

Our team may successfully assist clients by preparing legal opinions, due diligence reports on real estate legal status, negotiating sale-purchase pre-agreements and agreements, lease agreements, mortgage agreements, pledge agreements, financing arrangements, also drafting, reviewing and negotiating real estate development agreements, construction works, lease of equipment. All of these by a well-balanced combination of innovation, information, efficiency and pragmatism in order to assure the success of our clients.

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