Labour & Employment

Our aim is to provide strategic employment advice to domestic and multinational companies, ensuring the most advantageous application of employment legislation in the ordinary management of companies. Our labor and employment professionals specialize in various aspects of advice to employers, including, but not limited to collective and individual employment matters. We also act as a liaison with labor unions, the labor inspection authorities, and with central and local authorities.

The services provided by our specialists offer the utmost versatility and the highest level of expertise in the employment law area. These services include legal advice on:

  • the day-to-day employment related matters;
  • internal policies and regulations;
  • individual employment contracts (including special clauses, such as: mobility, confidentiality, non-compete and professional training clause), including termination of employment relationships;
  • temporary employment agencies;
  • due diligence reports on employment area;
  • employment implications in case of modifications of the legal business structure (e.g. acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, transfers of business lines, outsourcing and in-sourcing processes);
  • proper management of relations with directly or union elected representatives of the employees; advise on processes to elect employees′ representatives;
  • collective layoffs or bargaining agreements.
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