Corporate & commercial

The corporate & commercial practice is essential for the interventive measures that your business may need.

You are at the right place for matters requiring any corporate assistance, e.g. from company incorporation to company exits, winding up and dissolution, from mergers to total or partial spin-offs, shareholders agreements, joint ventures, corporate governance and share capital movements, decision making process, assistance during corporate bodies’ meetings, day-to-day corporate compliance.

We treat with the same precision and proficiency any agreements, contracts, understandings related to day-to-day operations or to complex transactions. Since business involves risk management, we aim to show the red flags and make the client understands and prevents. Our focus is to offer you solid legal foundations to your business.

Our team is highly experienced and efficient with both litigation and settlement of the cases outside the courts by negotiating with the other involved parties. We can assist our clients with a wide-range of problems, from the most basic ones to the most complex ones where we will involve all our knowledge and resources.

As we thoroughly understand the needs of our clients’ businesses, we come up with tailored solutions and approaches that will generate or even exceed the expected results.

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